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Holistic Therapy for Prevention and Amazing Healing
Equine Partnered
Empowerment Personal Discovery & Life Coaching Session

Find greater clarity, purpose, and peace in all areas of your life, whether it
be love, money, career, life purpose, relationships, body image, life
transitions, childhood trauma, victim recovery, grief. 
Clear influences from anything that is preventing you from becoming your best self and living the life of your dreams.

Whether you love horses, are indifferent to them, or are scared of them:
Horses are natural Divine Healers and throught their high vibration, and instinctive energetic conection, are experts at unlocking the strength and potential within us all.

Horses show us how to live in the present and how to be honest and forgiving with ourselves.
Horses can teach you how to understand and move through your emotions in a new way, from fear to trust and love.   Many clients find profound results in only one session.

Sessions are Individual Private 1-2 hours
Joint, Group, and Family sessions can be arranged.
NO horse experience necessary as there is NO Riding Involved.
Butterfly Technique $150 (people, horses, small or large animals)
What is a Butterfly Technique Healing Session?  It's on of those things that almost has to be experienced to be understood.  Each session is both relaxing and profound. In this deep state of relaxation your mind, body and soul can recharge and rejuvinate.  The Butterfly Technique, which was developed by me, is an ever evolving intuitive energeitc alignment designed uniquely just for you to manifest your specific goals dreams, and desires.  Most sessions include: a Consultation, Hot Foot Bath, Alignment of your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies, Raindrop, YL Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, NAT, Color, Sound, Crystals, Tunig Forks, Accupressure, Reflexology, TTouch, Light Massage, and Manifesting Intentions.

Reiki Raindrop Energetic Alignment  $150 (people, horses, small or large animals)
Includes Raindrop with YL Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Reflexology, Light Touch/Massage, Vibrational Tuning Fork Alignment, and Reiki/QiGOnf Energy for a total Energetic Alignment.

Reiki Energy Energetic Alignment  $100 (people, horses, small or large animals)
Includes Evaluation, Reiki, QiGong, Vibrational Tuning Fork Alignment, Light Massage, Reflexology Crystals, 1 or 2 Essential Oils, for a total Physical, emotional, Spiritual Energetic Alignment.

Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) Energetic Aligment $120
Includes YL Essential Oils applied with precision to back of head/neck/back/feet, Reflexology, Light Massage, Energetic and Tuning Fork Alignment.  Helps brain synapses connect to the spinal cord, restore normal nerval function, emotional release.

Distance Healing:  $30 per session
Includes Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Energetic Alignment

Phone Session:  $50 for 15 minutes
Includes Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Energetic Alignment, Coaching, Mentoring, and Instruction

Repeat Reiki attunements of Level you have received:  $40

Reiki Shares:  $10-20 donation if have healing training/experience
Reiki Shares $20-$50 donation if no healing training/experience

Day & Weekend Retreats in the Tipi:  See Current Schedule
Equine Partnered Personal Development Life Coaching
Walk or Ride the Labrynth with horses.
Horse/Dog Ranch Nature Day Retreats
Summer Camps
Retreats and Services offered in a spacious eco-friendly Tipi.
Some Great Perks and Discounts Available for a Limited Time.

Energy Alignment Circle for Health and Wellness
Weekly Meetings
Class fee of $25 per week
which includes handouts and other fun surprises
RSVP (call or email)

Each week will be a different topic and a new adventure.  Learn about and participate in:  Guided Meditations, Connect with your angels and guides, Drumming, Essential Oils, Crystals, Divining, How to Use a Pendulum, Card Readings, Hand Yoga, Reflexology, Law Of Attraction, Reiki, QiGong and more.  Energetic Alignment.  Learn to receive and give Energy Healings to remove blockages.

We will explore the benefits and common uses of several popular essential oils in each class. Sample and experience the difference that essential oils can make in your everyday life. Stress reduction, creating energy, overall wellness for both people and animals.

Drumming Circle
Drumming is a wonderful, effective, fun tool for unity and healing. Empowerment, spiritual growth, release stress and anger. All levels of experience welcome.
Bring your own, or Drums and other instruments available for additional

Beginning Horse Care/Ranch Tour
This fun class includes a tour of a working horse ranch and opportunity to learn about, pet and groom horses.

Contact Me to Schedule a Class

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