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Full Moon Retreats
Sample Schedule

3-6 pm - Guests Arrive - Meet and greet 
Start Creative Journal Making/Manifesting
5-7pm - Dinner and Social Time
7-9:30pm pm Circle, Tipi Blessing, Drumming, Introductions - what brought you here, what looking to get out of the weekend, what you would like to experience and learn more about.
Call to Great Spirit, Native, Spirit & Horse Guides, Guided Shamanic Horse Journey, Circle Share
9pm Full Moon Fire Ceremony, Close Circle, Snacks.  

8-9 - Breakfast
Make Your Own Medicine Bag
9am - Meet the horses
11am - Group Discussion - What role/influence horses have had on our lives. What they mean to us.
Equine Cone Walk
11:30 - Meditation with Horses - Connecting with Equine Energy - Listen to Your Horse.
12-1pm - Lunch and Braid Horse Totem
1pm - Labyrinths - Benefits, How to Make, Gather Materials - Make your own finger labyrinths.
3pm - Chakra Connection with Horses - Labyrinth Walks with Horses.
5pm - Dinner
6pm - Vibrational Healing Sessions
8pm - Circle - Reflections on the day.  Guided Shamanic Horse Journey; Revisit Fire Ceremony,
   Dream Intentions, Snacks.     
   Followed by Moonlight walk - depending on participation and weather.

8-9 Breakfast
9:30 am - Make your own Spirit Shield -
11am - Meditation/Yoga with Horses
12:30 pm - Lunch
1pm - 3pm - Enjoy the Ranch.  Vibrational Healing Sessions
3pm - Reflection and Closing
3:30pm - Checkout - Please Complete a Feedback Form so that we can better serve you in the future

What to Bring:  Any special items that you would like to use on your Journal, Medicine Bag or Horse Spirit Shield - such as horse paper, photos, crystals, embellishments, etc.   Photos and or Letters to burn for fire ceremony. Personal Items, Weather appropriate clothing, warm jacket, boots/shoes.  Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets/pillow.  Optional: Gift for labyrinth or TIpi.

2015 Schedule - Full Moon Walks with Horses Tipi RETREATS

June 26, 27, 28
July 3, 4, 5 - Buck Moon
July 31st Aug. 1-2 - Blue Moon
Aug 28-30 - Sturgeon Moon
Sept. 11, 12, 13 - Special New Moon Fall Retreat

Aug 7-9: Carol Gurney Animal Communication

Customized Dates/Retreats/Workshops:  Let us custom taylor an experience to fit both your budget and your needs, whether that be for an hour, partial day, weekend or week.

Call or email me for Rental Rates for the Labyrinth and Tipi

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Nature's Divine
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