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Nature's Divine
opening the door to nature
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Nature's Divine
opening the door to nature
Pets N People
health and wellness
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Connection of Spirits
Transformation and Empowerment through the Wisdom of Horses

Would you like to come back into Balance with your heart, mind and body?  Did you know that Horses are wonderful healers, spiritual path guides and teachers of life skills, self-esteem, communication and emotional balance?

2014 Tentative Schedule - Full Moon Walks with Horses Tipi RETREATS

May 10, 11, 12 - Flower Moon
June 13, 14, 15 - Strawberry Moon
July 11, 12, 13 - Buck Moon
Aug. 8, 9, 10 - Sturgeon Moon
Sept. 5, 6, 7 - Harvest Moon
Sept. 12, 13, 14 - Special Fall Retreat
Oct. 4, 5, 6 - Hunters Moon

$450 Three Day Special Introductory Rate (discounted from $1,300)
or $250 One Day/One Night (discounted from $600)

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Other Dates Available by request:
1 Day Retreat for 2 or more available $250 per person (intro discount from $600)
2 Day Retreat for 2 or more available $350 per person (intro discount from $1,200)
3 Day Retreat for 2 or more available $450 per person (intro discount from $1,500)

(Stay Overnight in the Tipi: $125 per night per adult and $50 per night per child)
(Introductory discount from $250 per adult and $100 per child)
Fall Day or Weekend Camps/Retreats available by Request
For Special Group Camps, Classes, Events, or Retreats - please contact me.

Inside lives that young child who dreamed of horses. The mystical being that has inspired dreams, poetry, books, and art.   In today’s world of electronics, hectic schedules and disconnection, horses are calling us back to the herd, where we can reconnect with nature, joy and grace, rediscovering our true selves, empowering our perspectives, in partnership with these unique beings.

Horses are spiritual beings who are actively connected to the natural, flowing wisdom, information and natural Universal Life Energy of All That Is.  Living on earth but still connected to the pool of higher consciousness, horses seem to walk in both worlds.  Horses are the living embodiment of living in mindfulness.  Living in the present, paying attention and being awake in each moment.

Horses are powerful allies both in this world and beyond.  Not only are Horses willing partners in everyday life, but for centuries they have acted as prominent "power animals" for taking people into the many spiritual worlds for wisdom and healing.  Paired with the Labyrinth Horses take people on waking walking journeys.  The experiences and places described of a walking journey are often similar to that of a shamanic journey.

If we open our minds and hearts to the abilities of horses we will open to a new kind of being, listening, and healing.  When in their natural environment roaming free, you will not see destruction from horses. They communicate through telepathy among the herd and subtle movements that only a keen observer might notice.  Horses possess impressive intuitive abilities that enable them to conduct a balanced social order.

Horses are our willing mentors, but to enter their world, we must shed the patterns of fear and attitudes of dominance and control that interfere with our ability to really listen, trust and learn.   When we meet horses on their level, then the wonders of their huge heart are ours to learn from  real love or successful relationships are ours

Horses instinctively reflect authentic communication, clear boundaries, social courtesy, confidence and intent. The highly attuned sensitivities of the horse call upon us to simplify our approach, trust our instincts and balance reason with intelligent emotion.  Through working with and observing horses we learn how to slow down and accept our emotional nature.   Horses surpass humans in emotional maturity, social skills, flexibility, group dynamics, and self-responsibility. Horses have mastered the balance of the instinctive and tamed parts of their personality.  Opening to new ways of consciousness, we can have a strong foothold both here on earth and in the spirit world.

Through Uniquely created Activities and Workshops, learn the wisdom of horses allowing us to:

Build Connection and Balance
Form a Clearer understanding of Self in Relation to others
Nuture our Individual Strengths
Explore effective communication
Establish and maintain healthy boundaries
Practice the art of self-responsibility
Discover the wisdom of emotions
Expanded awareness
Opening of your heart
Strengthening of your intuition
Understanding subtle boundaries
An increase of vitality and energy
Experience the joys of belonging to an authentic community

Getaway to Nature:  Rest, Retreat, Renew

Our place is surrounded by 80 acres of meadow, trees, ponds, stream and horses. The space calls for reconnecting with nature, slowing down, taking a deep breath and realigning with your deepest truths. It is the perfect place for spiritual and meditation retreats, writing, art, youth groups, yoga, magical celebrations, presentations & group discussions in a gorgeous outdoor setting.

The Tipi (not available at this time)
The Tipi is 26 feet in diameter, seats up to 40 and sleeps up to 16.  Surrounded by horses grazing, the view is beautiful !!

The Labyrinth
The labyrinth is an opportunity to take a special kind of walk in a sacred space. Following a path into the center of the labyrinth and back out again, people can journey into their own centers, sometimes finding a new sense of peace, understanding, or an important release.  A walk in the labyrinth is a way to quiet the mind, find balance, and encourage insight and celebration. Labyrinths are found on every continent of the world. No one culture or faith can claim them as their own - they are open to all people as non-denominational, cross-cultural tools of well being.

The Horses
Connect energetically and mystically with the physical horse, your guides and the horse ancestors.  Visitors can walk the labyrinth with our horses.  Either in hand or on the horse's back while being led by an experienced handler.  Our Labyrinth is unique in that it is triskelion shaped and wide enough to accommodate both a person and a horse.  Walks with horses can be a truly magical experience.

Groups may opt to include horses or partner with us for other horse activities that offer further learning and interaction with these mystical beings.

Equine Partnered
Empowerment Personal Discovery & Life Coaching Sessions

Find greater clarity, purpose, and peace in all areas of your life, whether it
be love, money, career, life purpose, relationships, body image, life
transitions, childhood trauma, victim recovery, grief. 
Clear influences from anything that is preventing you from becoming your best self and living the life of your dreams.

Whether you love horses, are indifferent to them, or are scared of them:
Horses are natural Divine Healers and throught their high vibration, and instinctive energetic conection, are experts at unlocking the strength and potential within us all.

Horses show us how to live in the present and how to be honest and forgiving with ourselves.
Horses can teach you how to understand and move through your emotions in a new way, from fear to trust and love.   Many clients find profound results in only one session.

Sessions are Individual Private 90-120 minutes
Joint, Group, and Family sessions can be arranged.
NO horse experience necessary as there is NO Riding Involved.

Fire Ceremony
Camp Fire Cooking
Observe and Walk with Horses in a Natural Setting
Equine Personal Life Balance Sessions
Reflective Roundpen
Equined Partnered Personal Discovery & Life Coaching
Facilitated Creative Expression:  Clay Work, Rock Sculture, Photography, Creative Journaling
Riding and Horse Care Lessons
Holistic Services
Energetic Alignment, Healing Aromatherapy, Body Work Sessions
Guided Shamanic Horse Journeys, Meditations, Drummings, Energetic Alignment, Healing, Bodywork
Create Horse Medicine Shield, Dream Catcher, Horse Totem, Horse Painting, Medicine Bag, Journal, Labyrinth
Specialized Retreats and Classes tailored to your interests
(ex: Horse Care, Reiki, QiGong, Raindrop, Animal Healing, Body Work, Art, Yoga, Photography, Gardening, etc)
Classes, Workshops, Youth Camps, Events, Parties

Close by:  Hiking, Fishing and canoeing

Ask us how we can best support the vision for your group's experience.

Located just 70 minutes from the heart of the Twin Cities!

Plan Your Retreats, Meetings and Events

Customized Retreats/Workshops:  Let us custom taylor an experience to fit both your budget and your needs, whether that be for an hour, partial day, weekend or week.

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