Pets N People
Health and Wellness
Holistic Therapy for Prevention and Amazing Healing
What are the Benefits to Nature? 

Unify Mind, Body, and Spirit in Nature's Divine Perfection
Holistic Sessions and products help on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels for both people & animals.
On a physical level:  Relieve pain, discomfort, improve overall health. Heal more quickly from injury or illness.
On a mental/emotional level:  Relax and reduce stress and anxiety.  Release and heal emotions.
On a spiritual level:   Bring about a more positive approach to life.  Direct you on your path in life.

On an Environmental level:  Prevent and release the buildup of unnatural chemicals and synthetic compounds in our bodies and the environment.

Nature's Divine
opening the door to nature
Melissa Bieber

Nature's Divine
opening the door to nature
Pets N People
health and wellness

Would you like to come back into Balance with your heart, mind and body? 
Did you know that Horses are wonderful healers, spiritual path guides and teachers of life skills, self-esteem, communication and emotional balance?

2015 Full Moon Walks With Horses RETREATS

$499 Three Day Special Introductory Rate
(Introductory rate is Discounted from $1,300 !!!)
or $299 One Day/One Night
(Introductory Rate is discounted from $600 !!!)

Discover Life Shared With Horses
No Riding or Previous Horse Experience Needed.
Full Moon Fire Ceremony
Camp Fire Cooking
Horse Healing Ceremony
Guided Shamanic Horse Journeys
Labyrinth Walks with Horses
Equine Personal Development Sessions
Observe and Walk with Horses in a Natural Setting
Energetic Alignment, Healing, Body Work Sessions
Facilitated Creative Expression
Clay Work, Rock Sculpture, Photography, Creative Journaling,
Totem, Medicine Bag, Spirit Shield, Prayer Box
Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate in a beautiful setting

Indoor/outdoor arenas, and trails on beautiful acreage an easy drive from the Twin Cities.
Can’t Attend?  Group Classes, Retreats, Events, Day, Week, or Weekend Camps by Request